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Empty Quarter Rovers (EQR) is a safari company established in 2019. Located in Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE, we offer not just the best of the best in Arabian Desert adventures, but also an authentic experience immersing our guests in the rich history, incredible native people, and the spectacular dunes of the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Seemingly, in the middle of nowhere, hiding behind the giant sand dunes of the Arruba Al Khali (The Empty Quarter), Liwa is home to a beautiful chain of scattered oases containing many thousands of date palms, stretching an incredible 138 kms from Arada to Hameem. The Liwa Crescent is steeped in history and is home to a number of ancient forts built by the Bedouin centuries ago; indeed, the royal family of Abu Dhabi, the Al Nahyan tribe, used to rule the country from Al Maria, a settlement in Liwa, before migrating to the coast in the 1760s.

Our love for Liwa began with our co-founder, Ali Almansoori, who grew up near Liwa and has a life passion for exploring the Empty Quarter. Having met his friend Ahmed Almansoori, a guy who loves daring outdoor adventures, they have co-founded EQR to bring their guests an experience showing Arabia at her finest. The desert is at the very heart of EQR’s operation, and every experience we build is centered round Liwa!

Why We Are Different

“When in the desert, do as the bedouins do”. This is exactly what we do. We take our guests far enough from the civilazation to discover and experience the bedouin lifestyle; a lifestyle that stayed unchanged for centuries. We provide visits to remote camel farms and have our guests meet the bedouins and listen to their fascinating stories. We also take our guests to the wonderful one century old palm trees oases that are hidden in arabian sands…many many other things that make us different!

What We Do

The EQR really exists to provide the guests with a rich authentic bedouin experience when visiting the Arabian sands. We strive to stay away from being a pure touristic and commercial company. Instead, we love to share our passion for exploring the beauty of the desert and its bedouins’ lifestyle with our guests. We take our guests to the deep desert and stop by remote camel farms and meet with the native people. We provide tours to the ancient Liwa forts. We offroad really far and camp next to old oases that are scattered in Al Dhafra….and lots more!

Meet the Team


I am an outdoor sports enthusiast-hiking, camping, offroading, cycling, and scuba diving. I live to wander and to chase the world’s unique deserts, mountains, and sea.


I am simply a bedouin who is in love with his mother nature.. the desert. My dream is to visit all deserts in our planet and meet my fellow bedouins


I am Kelly a Filipina who loves to have a glimpse of different cultures by immersing with different delicacies and tradition which make me more passionate working here in UAE where cultures meet.


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